Managed Document Services

Print&Share Improves Business Efficiency by Automating Document Processes

31 May 2017

Print&Share has helped Coffral simplify its document processes. Invoices and other documents are printed, distributed and archived with a single mouse click. Automating document processes has dramatically improved business efficiency: documents are distributed more efficiently, digital copies are easily accessed, and employees have been released to do more productive work.

The Challenge

Coffral is a leading supplier of framework and scaffolding to the construction industry. The company designs, delivers and installs complex structures used by construction companies as building platforms. With 500 projects live at any time, Coffral can have as many as 700,000 individual components in use on customer sites. Every item has to be accounted for.

The complexity of the business means that the company must maintain accurate records. Each item of inventory is photographed and its location recorded. The movement of goods to and from customer sites is documented. Quotations, orders, CAD designs, delivery notes and return receipts, invoices and statements are printed and filed in a project record.

In a bid to make project records more accessible, Coffral installed an electronic document management system, establishing a paperless record from which digital copies of documents relating to a project could easily be retrieved. The digital record safeguards documents from loss and eliminates process delays associated with accessing paper records.

Whilst the new electronic document management system is an effective storage medium, adding new documents to the archive proved time consuming. The business generates 30,000 documents a year, each of which had to be scanned, indexed and saved to the appropriate project file. The manual process wasted some 5,000 man hours a year.

Recognising that major efficiency gains could be achieved by automating the archive process, Coffral turned to Ricoh. With new documents generated internally and printed using Ricoh MFPs prior to distribution, the company was looking for a solution that would automate document capture as an integral part of the production process.

Ricoh’s Solution

Ricoh introduced Coffral to Print&Share, a powerful software solution designed to automate print and distribution processes. Using Print&Share, it is possible to print a document, email or fax it to a customer, and upload an electronic copy to an electronic document management system all with a single mouse click.ture as an integral part of the production process.

Print&Share enables a series of processes to be saved as ‘channels’ of a ‘virtual printer’. Multiple virtual printers can be created with different profiles. As well as print instructions, a virtual profile, activated with a single mouse click, can include instructions to create an XML file, forward documents to multiple email addresses and create a digital image.

The software solution is easy to use. Tryphon De Baere, IT manager at Coffral, used the intuitive interface to establish a four-step invoice profile. Print&Share creates a digital copy of the invoice which is uploaded to the electronic document management system. The software checks for an email address or fax number, forwarding a copy to the customer if one is present.

The print file is then routed to a Ricoh printer used for invoice production. A single copy of the invoice is printed onto letterhead paper ready for mailing to the customer. By automatically directing documents to the most appropriate printer, Print&Share helps control print costs and ensure that documents are printed on the right media.